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Playing Basketball at CU

Valentina Ilieva is the president of the Women’s Basketball team at Coventry University. I met her after the team had finished a strength and conditioning workout to discuss new students joining the team, whether they need to be good at… Continue Reading →

The Law Society

Benedict Williams is the current president of the Law Society at Coventry University. In this episode we discuss the benefits of joining a society, with a special focus on developing skills for employability. We also try to address some concerns… Continue Reading →

Intercultural Competencies

IN this episode Martin Selby, Associate Head (International), School of Marketing and Management, discusses why it is so important to us to have international perspectives across all areas of learning, with a special focus on intercultural competencies.

Standing out in your classes

In this episode, Master’s student, and now teacher Nicky Ni discusses her experience studying at CU. She shares how she made sure that she tried to stand out in her classes, building a good relationship with her teachers. This led… Continue Reading →

Subject Librarians

The library is the biggest and best resource for students in their university study. Coventry university has a team of subject librarians to help students find the best books, journals, or articles for their study. In this episode I talk… Continue Reading →

Preparing For Seminars

IN this episode I meet Zhong Yuanyuan to discuss how she prepares for seminars at Coventry University

Part-Time Work

In this episode I am joined by Chinese student Li Rao who discusses her experience working part time for Lingua Mundae, a language learning group within COventry Unviersity, teaching Japanese. It is possible to do a certain amount of hours… Continue Reading →

The Weather

British People famously love to discuss the weather. In this episdode I am joined by Beijinger Zhang Kexin to think about why that is so, what are her experiences with the British weather, and whether she brought the right clothes!

International Student Support

Living in a foreign country is not always easy, so where can you go for help? If you have an issue that is not about your study, then the International Office is here to help. Alistair Logan, Head of the… Continue Reading →

Clubs and Societies – Archery

I believe that it is important for students to join a club or society while at University. Yang Changlan agrees. In this episode we discuss her experience joining clubs and how that has improved her language ability, helped her make… Continue Reading →

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